Interpretation Services

Interpretation is when a language professional helps bridge cross cultural gaps by speaking or providing sign language interpreting. When you are looking for conversational language support, our qualified and state certified interpreting professionals are there for you 24/7.

Interpreting Environments

Interpreters are available at any time of day or night to support cross cultural conversations in all types of situations. The following is just a partial list:

  • Business Interpreting: Client tours, training, and meetings
  • Health Care Interpreting: Medical, behavioral health, and dental appointments
  • Human Resources: Employee materials, training, and reviews
  • Legal Interpreting: Depositions, investigations, and court proceedings
  • Marketing: Trade shows, conferences, and voice overs
  • Social Services Interpreting: DSHS appointments, welfare checks, etc.

Interpreting Styles

The timing of the interpreting between the speaker and the interpreter can vary depending on the environment. We interpret in the way that is best for you and your circumstances. The following styles are common and other options may be available, contact our no-hassle support team for personalized assistance.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is when the speaker and the interpreter take turns talking. This is good for any size environment where information can be provided in chunks. The pauses between languages allows a moment for each participant to really absorb what has been said, and to focus on understanding. It also allows opportunity for questions or feedback, if desired.

Simultaneous Interpretation

When the speaker does not have time to pause between concepts, or there is a diverse audience where everyone needs the information at the same time, then simultaneous interpretation may be the best choice. Often in this situation additional equipment is needed like a translation booth, headphones, a microphone, transmitter, and receiver. Depending on the environment and audience, these items may be different or unnecessary for American Sign Language since it is visual instead of audible.

Professional Interpreters

Cross Cultural Communication interpreters are state certified. We provide classes and seminars for our independent interpreting professionals, and support LIST testing for new interpreters. Our united team of experts continually deliver professional, state-of-the-art services at with high degree of satisfaction.

Our highly trained schedulers are relentless in their quest for just the right interpreter to meet your needs. Using sophisticated technology they are able to determine who is available and best suited to meet or exceed your needs.

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