Vouchers Due by the 5th

Vouchers Due by the 5th

Interpreters must turn in Vouchers weekly. Once a week is the best way so any issues that arise can be dealt with while it is fresh in everyone’s mind and it can be corrected before the billing deadline.

Providers are billed once a month. In order for your payment to be received in the same billing cycle, vouchers at the end of the month must be submitted by the 5th of the following month. For example, April vouchers are due by May 5 for payment on May 25.

When this deadline is missed for any reason these vouchers cannot be submitted to the provider until the next billing cycle, which in turn makes the interpreter wait to get paid. An example of this is an April voucher submitted on May 6, which will be paid to the interpreter June 25.

A late voucher benefits absolutely no one and as a language professional is completely within your power to change. If it helps you to remember:

  • Create a recurring appointment on the first of each month in your calendar app.
  • Give yourself a reward or consequence depending on if the deadline is met.
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