Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

As Thanksgiving 2012 rolls through the United States we pause to consider all the things for which we are grateful.

We are so grateful for our dedicated staff, professional translators and interpreters, international community, and loyal clients. You all make the long hours and hundreds of calls each day possible and worthwhile.

From business meetings planned weeks in advance, to babies arriving in the middle of the night, we are so blessed to serve as a bridge between languages and cultures. We are honored by the trust you show us… for clients giving us another new project, for interpreters taking time away from other things to take an emergency appointment, for staff who are by the phone at 2 o’clock in the morning – just in case you need us.

While we are reflect on all our blessings throughout this last year, we also consider a greater picture.

We enjoy so many freedoms and daily luxuries, which are not available in all places around the world, and do not take this lightly. From clean water to the right to vote or even to just drive across town, we understand that we are blessed.

We are thankful for the difference we make in the lives of others each day, and for those who have gone before us and have shown us the way. We honor translators and interpreters throughout history who have paved the way for the good we are now able to do. Interpreters in exploration around the world, battles for freedom in wars and courtrooms, and battles for another day of life in hospitals across the community.

We are honored by where we have come from, how far we have come in the already, and where we are going. You are such an important part of the journey. Thank you.