Green Initiatives at CCC in Sumner

Cross Cultural Communications has a number of green initiatives to protect the planet we all share. We work for a better world every day as we reach the community with professional language services like translation and interpreting, but we also do more than that.

To protect the environment we do the following:

  • reuse
  • recycle
  • encourage carpooling
  • support telecommuting
  • purchase used equipment when feasible
  • use video conferencing instead of travel
  • use glass dishes instead of paper or foam
  • email our team newsletter instead of print
  • use both sides of the copy paper for internal documents
  • post a green initiatives awareness board on our Pinterest page
  • more!

We may not single-handedly save the world, but we are taking practical steps in Sumner, WA. It’s everyone’s Earth. If everyone does what they can, then things can change for the better!